Daydream Music / Vasco:

After starting out as a singer and guitarist in his own band, Vasco spent two years working for Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) as a songwriter and session musician in his then record label ‘The Artists Network’.

He subsequently moved into writing music for Advertising where he has written several scores for well known brands, including BMW, Orange, KFC, Comfort Naturals, Lynx, Hovis, Virgin Trains, Lindemans, Samsung, and Playstation.

He has also written music for TV series including the Hit US show, Smallville, ‘Bike Squad’ (ITV Hattrick productions), ‘Brand New You; (Channel 5 RDF Media), ‘Faking it’ (Channel 4 RDF Media), ‘Just around the Corner (C4 Hattrick productions), and the current theme for the Absolute Radio Show, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Football’ Hosted by Ian Wright. He recently co-wrote the title song for the new Ray Winstone movie, ‘Fathers of Girls’.

He is now a well established writer at EMI production music, where he has many credits to his name, including, Melrose Place, American Idol, A place in the Sun, How the other half live, Show me Show me, Britain’s Empty Homes, Kirstie’s Homemade Home, Jamie Oliver’s fish Dinners, The Secret Millionaire, 60 Minute Makeover, Location Location Location, Wild Britain with Ray Mears, Alan Titchmarsh’s Garden Secrets, Gok’s Fashion Fix, This morning, Gardener’s world, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and many more.

During his time working for Dave Stewart, he wrote songs with current French Indie sensation Medi Parisot, with whom he continues to work. Medi’s new album ‘You got me Moving’ includes several co-writes with Vasco.

Daydream Music was started in November 2010 with a view to developing new projects and building on the success achieved to date. It is based at the Matrix Studio complex in West London.